Sunday Stroll

My Life

These are a few pics from a walk a couple of weeks ago. After the initial stone throwing in the beck we wandered through the woods. There we started to come across a lot of acorns, well Harris was in his element, as his favourite movie at the moment is 'My neighbour Totoro', a Japanese animation from the famous Studio Ghibli. Within the film the characters plant acorns, so, as you may imagine, we were constantly stopping to collect them, when we couldn't carry anymore we would leave them at the base of a tree (where Totoro lives!). We eventually made it the cafe on the Glen to get some much needed sustenance, when we realised we hardly had any brass. We managed to copper up and order something for Harris and share a pasty and peas between us!

This is Harris saying 'beauty mate', that Pop in Australia taught him to say on our trip last November. Just before we left for Oz my Mum had taught Harris to say 'I say old boy', whenever he had wind! Both trying to keep a bit of Pomme and Ozzy in him!!!

With his little digital camera; he always wants mine though!

Checking out his workmanship!

The infamous acorns!

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