Baby Milo

I had the opportunity to photograph Baby Milo a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't sure I'd make it due to all the snow but I'm so glad I did as he is so adorable as you can see below...

Milo's Mum Catherine is a reader of my blog so it's great to be able to post some images for you!!

Caspar, Joe, George & Ed

These are a few images from a portrait session of Caspar, Joe, George and Ed

Lorne, Victoria

My Life
After going through the images from Kates wedding (Andy's little sister), I came across all the images we have from our last trip to Australia.  I still haven't managed to go through them all and print any, very slack I know, but I am always working on my customers images!  I started to go through them and surprisingly there were quite a few of me for a change!!  So I thought I'd share a few of me, Andy and Harris.

While we were in Melbourne we took a drive out one day along the Great Ocean Road. These are a few pics we took in Lorne at the Pier.  We then ate on the seafront at The Pier Seafood Restaurant where we treated ourselves to a beautiful meal with gorgeous fresh fish.

A couple from the back of the restaurant at the fishmongers.

It was pretty gusty out on the pier.