A few more pics of the gorgeous Ava - this time against a black backdrop. These images were taken on 20th September when Ava was nearly 6 weeks old

If you would like to book a baby shoot, there is also the option to have images taken on a portable backdrop. I take images within their natural environment and then on the backdrop for a great selection to cherish. The babies are also more comfortable at home and it is easier for you if they need feeding or changing.

And one of us all - Andy, Myself, Harris & Avianna. I set up the shot and then thanks to my Dad for capturing the image. We had tried to do it the previous night with the camera on timer - but it was like something off a comedy sketch!

Baby Megan

These are a few shots of my friends beautiful daughter Megan who was born 5 days after my daughter Ava. And Donna's son Callum was born 10 days after my son Harris!

Ava & Harris

These are a few more images of Ava and Harris taken just over a week ago. Ava is 91/2 weeks on these.

And a few more of Ava at 10 weeks sat in her buggy:


These are a couple of Harris's paintings. I've been scanning all his paintings in to make a digital book of his artwork. I can never bring myself to throw his paintings away and they are starting to mount up now! This way we can actually look at them too, rather than them being stored away!

The top image is from his pre-school and the bottom one is at home - you should have seen the aftermath from this one!!

Chrissie, Amy, Lucy & Toby

These are some images from a session last Sunday with Chrissie, Amy, Lucy and Toby. They have all featured here on the blog before! Toby as a newborn when he was only a week old and the girls will be over a year ago. Onto the pictures - I love the ones on the swings...