Breeze on Tour - Kirkstall Abbey

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My Mum, Harris and I went to a Breeze event at Kirkstall Abbey on Thursday. It was great; there were bands, loads of sport events for the older kids, circus skills, decorative bun making (you can see Harris with a whole one in his mouth!), loads of giant inflatables and of course the go-karting which Harris had a great time doing. Harris started out with 2 bumps, but then he was off overtaking, check the animated image out below.

Harris managed to get loads of sweets on top of his bun!

The bun gets polished off in one!

Then it was home for a bit of bubble blowing, that was after the chocolate ice-cream that's all over his face!

Being a scary pirate

These are a few more bubble blowing ones but from the day before; this day he was Fireman Sam!

I'll have to try another few more shots of him blowing bubbles, as an animation of images might be a bit more effective if there was a bubble!  ~Check out his face on the last one - he too looks rather upset at not producing a bubble!!  

Chrissy, Amy & Lucy's Portrait


I photographed three sisters last weekend in their home and back garden. Here are a few from the session...

Boudoir Digital Sample Album

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I got one of my Boudoir sample albums in the post this morning, and it looks great, so for those of you that are engaged to be married why not consider having a boudoir shoot as a gift to your fiancee. Or maybe have one just for love or for yourself!  These are images of a small digital album that is available, but there are lots of other options too!