Jo & Nic Hot Air Balloon Flight

Portrait, My Life

My good friends Jo and Nic went on a balloon flight over the Dales a week last Sunday.  They had asked me if I would document it for them, which I thought was a great idea - though they hadn't warned me that I had to be up at an ungodly hour!  When we got there it was really low visibility and it was touch and go whether they would get to fly.  It was great to watch the whole process of the balloon being prepared and seeing one so up close - it was massive and they said it was a small one!

Harris on Andy's shoulders - he had a great time

Think Nic was getting a bit hot!

Getting nervous Nic?

Their off...

We got in the car and followed the balloon from the ground...

Give those muscles a workout Nic!  She's got better arms than Madonna!

A rare one of me & H!

Jo & Nic have just emailed me some amazing pics that they took from the air, take a look.....

Me in action!

I love this picture of Nic's.  They said that everytime the heat blower was used on the balloon the cattle and sheep below starting going crazy running around!

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