Portrait Session

These are a few images from a session this week of two super cute kids....

Elfing Around

Snowball Fight!

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A few more pics of the gorgeous Ava - this time against a black backdrop. These images were taken on 20th September when Ava was nearly 6 weeks old

If you would like to book a baby shoot, there is also the option to have images taken on a portable backdrop. I take images within their natural environment and then on the backdrop for a great selection to cherish. The babies are also more comfortable at home and it is easier for you if they need feeding or changing.

And one of us all - Andy, Myself, Harris & Avianna. I set up the shot and then thanks to my Dad for capturing the image. We had tried to do it the previous night with the camera on timer - but it was like something off a comedy sketch!

Baby Megan

These are a few shots of my friends beautiful daughter Megan who was born 5 days after my daughter Ava. And Donna's son Callum was born 10 days after my son Harris!

Ava & Harris

These are a few more images of Ava and Harris taken just over a week ago. Ava is 91/2 weeks on these.

And a few more of Ava at 10 weeks sat in her buggy: