Andy's Birthday Cake

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It was Andy's birthday on Sunday (36!!), my Mum and Chris took us for a gorgeaous curry at the Aagrah for their evening buffet. Harris got stuck into the popodoms, chocolate cake and mousse! We didn't manage to bake a cake so Harris and I made one today covered in jelly tots! He did so well and cracked open all the eggs into a bowl himself; then it was time to decorate the cake... well, most of the icing was eaten I think but he did a good job and holding back from eating the jelly tots!

When Dad walked in tonight we had the lights off and the cake lit and Harris sung Happy Birthday and then of course he had to help with the candle blowing. Anyone would think it was H's birthday from the pics below...

It was Grace, Harris' cousins birthday on Saturday too. Harris sends a big kiss to you. (Andy is Australian so 1/2 of Harris's family is over in Oz). There is a pic at the bottom of Grace enjoying her cake too; might have to steal the donut idea!

He does this little pose on the left when He's thinking what to say next, I think he's gonna end up on the stage!

Grace enjoying her birthday down under

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