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Happy anniversary Kate & Geoff. These are a few pics of the day to remind you what an amazing day it was for us all.

Kate is Andy's sister and we went over to Melbourne, Australia as a surprise for their wedding. I wasn't the wedding photographer as I didn't shoot weddings then, but I did take a few pics of the day. I had an inclination that Kate wanted me to post a few of her images when I started my blog, but I decided to make her wait until their anniversary!!!! 

Enjoy xxx

Andy, Harris and myself at Andy's parents farm just before the wedding.

The view from the veranda of the house
Kate with her parents, Mick and Kathy

The wedding ceremony was held at Roscrea Gardens in Nagambie.

The happy couple Kate & Geoff

Just a few of Harris' cousins!

 Rell & Matt's boys; Addy, Harry & Toby

Andy's sister Leaia with Marty and Maeve

Shannon on the swings with the kids!

Andy's sister Anna with Wayne, Scarlett and Issabelle

Andy's brother Paul and Shannon

The little man in the t-shirt I made for him, I photographed Andy's tie and printed it onto a t-shirt

Harris and Toby -  Harris looks to be enjoying squashing Toby, but I don't think Toby is by the look on his face!

A little t-party...

Tilly giving Maeve a helping hand

Mick & Kathy

The view from the reception venue - Lakeside Resort.

Harris looking a bit hot and bothered!

Myself with Andy, Kate and Geoff

Andy's brother Matt and Toby

The band - 'The Shuffle Club' were amazing, Harris didn't stop dancing to their music.  Click here to hear some of their music.

Corey and Grace

Shannon & Tilly

I love this pic of Rell, Harry and me.

Geoff with his brother

Geoff's parents

Anna and Andy

Me catching the bouquet!!! Think it was a set-up - Andy is the only one out of the six of them not married!  Gonna make the most of having a few photos of myself and put a few on!!

I'm looking rather pleased with myself wanting to rub it into Andy!

And a nice one I use as my profile picture at the top!

Corey - with this stone - can't remember the stones name now, but he got about that night!

Andy and his bros and sis's

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