Nigel & Mary's Wedding at Harewood House -Part 1 Preparations & Church


Nigel and Mary wed at Harewood House 3 weeks ago today. I wanted to blog the pictures this weekend as they are due back from their honeymoon ... hope you had an amazing time.

The day before their wedding it was torrential rain and on my drive over to the hotel on Saturday morning the roads were flooded and the weather did not look promising. Well, a few hours later and we were all stood in the glorious sunshine - it was so hot! Not a drop of rain until the reception was underway. And with such a stunning venue we were all so happy for Mary & Nigel.

Well as usual I have got carried away choosing pics to post on my blog so I think I will do it in 2 posts. This post will include Mary's getting ready shots and a few from St Oswald's Church in Collingham. I will create a new post tomorrow with the bride and groom images and the celebrations.

There are also a few more images included at the bottom of the post within the slideshow.

Firstly onto Mary; and check out her gorgeous blue eyes in some of the images...

Mary is such good fun, I hardly have any photos that she isn't smiling on, makes my job easy!

Check out the wellies in the background, Mary was going to have photos outside no matter what! Luckily we didn't need them.

I can't get over how blue Mary's eyes are...

The beautiful bouquet from Bouquets Florist in Saltaire

Mary's Mum Kathleen couldn't stop looking at her daughter as she looked so amazing in her dress...

A quick dance!

Bit of lippy on before she walks down the aisle!

The page boy Xander, how cute (There are a couple more of him too!), and Mary with her Dad Paul, about to go into the Church.

Oy!... You shouldn't be looking at me!!!!!!!!!

Look how happy Mary is to be married, I love this moment...


  1. Fab photographs Sally....Mary looks incredible on all of the photo's and you've really captured the day amazingly.

  2. Thanks for the comment, were you at the wedding? - It just says 'anonymous said...' above, ha ha!