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We went up to Eldwick Gala's Pet Show with Harris' friend Sebastian who was entering his Giant African Land Snails - he got 3rd place in one of the categories. I took my camera to take a few pics of the boys but offered to take some for the organisers and I have now been asked to take a few at the Fun Run on Friday, so I will post a few of them next week. Here are a few pics of some of the pets and there are a few more at the end of the post within a slideshow.

* (added text) Unfortunately, due to the number of people at the pet show it was not possible to to ask everybody if it would be ok to put their images within this post.  I am sorry if it offended anyone that they were posted here.  When speaking to those People I had chance, some asked how they could view them and I said I would put them on this blog.  I was hoping that word of mouth would enable people to view them and if anybody would like a copy I could email them one.  I have now removed any photos with anybodies face that I do not know, if you would also like me to remove any pictures of your pets, please drop me an email.  Sorry again if any offence has been taken, as this was not my intention.

Slideshow with some extra images included
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